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Save a ton of time and money and start reaching out to your targeted niche today.

I bought $5,000 worth of 2020 verified data from a trusted vendor for a project I’m working on.

I want to resell the data to a very limited number of people for $95 just to help recoup some of the cost of this investment.

it’s a database of 24 + million US businesses.

The Data Includes:

– 23 million US businesses database

– 1.2 million realtor emails

– 150,000 home builder and construction company emails

– 19,000 veterinarian and animal hospital emails

– 230,000 physician and doctor emails

– 12,000 chiropractor emails

– 21,000 loan officer emails

– 37,000 dentist emails

– 20,000 insurance agent and broker emails

– 13,350 Accountants (CPA) and FinancialServices

And a lot more.

You’ll get all the data for just $95. You can get the same data from other vendors, but it would cost you over $5,000.

The data will be yours to do with as you please but it’s your responsibility to use i

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