Alow me to create a niche targeted email list for you.

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Are you looking for a Unique and Niche Targeted Email List?
Increase your business with a targeted email list audience, and get better open rates and conversions.
This targeted email list gig also applies to Businesses/companies emails and Competitors’ Social Media Audience!

– Unique List for each Customer
– Laser-target your Email List with your niche
– 1000/5000/10.000 Emails List
– Every List is verified & Cleaned
– Worldwide list (can be targeted up to exclude tier3 countries)
– Your niche can be explored in English – French – Spanish (basically English)

I am here to help you grow your email marketing audience with lead generation and boost your email campaign.

Role emails are most of the time not available, please do not ask for them.

Please do contact me before placing an order, and I will check to be sure your request is something I can do

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Minimum offer
Create a 1000 Targeted Email List -Laser-target your niche -New List / Customer -Email List Verified & Cleaned -Location included
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